Steps to Tutoring Success

As a teacher, I valued and appreciated parental involvement in a child’s education. In addition to a great bonding time, the student learns to value education from the parent’s commitment to education. 

Parent involvement more than doubles the chances for academic success over economic factors. 

Here’s how I can help as a private tutor:

1) Conduct an initial free assessment to determine the best starting point.
2) Encourage parental involvement; parents can stay and watch during the tutoring session.
3) When needed, and with parental approval, I will contact the students teacher to discuss specific needs.
4) Demonstrate progress through the individualized program of weekly or twice-weekly tutor sessions. 

Reading is the foundation of any education. Reading comprehension can help a student progress more easily in other subjects including writing and arithmetic.

Contact Me for more details – I’d love to meet your student and see how we can work together!

Danielle Burgoyne